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Quantum Huna and "The Mysteries of HA"


When Sarah and I sat down and started discussing Huna material and teachings to which we had been exposed, something just popped out at us.  We each knew instantly that we had discovered something that everyone else had missed.  Yes Everyone, Max Freedom Long, William Glover, Allan Lewis, Serge King, Everyone. All the research including some written by the early and mid 19th century scholars from Hawaii missed the overall context upon which the Hawaiians viewed the world.  They all agreed that when the Hawaiians were exposed to western man and learned to write, they were excited and began to immediately document and PROTECT their knowledge and wisdom with the written word.  THE SECRET of this overall context was ENERGY.  They understood how the universe works.  Everything is energy. Fire is energy. Air is energy. Water is energy. Earth is energy.  Man is energy.  Furthermore, it was the understanding of resonance, frequency, harmony and the fact that everything is defined by its electromagnetically characteristics.  In their terms, everything was unique and in harmony, no two things were exactly alike and all had energetic fields about them, Man to Birds, Rocks to Sea Shells.  Tesla put forth this hypothesis in his work.  Everything has its unique frequency.  You have seen this on TV when the bridges sway and collapse with the right speed and direction of the wind.  This is why soldiers break lock step when the cross bridges.  You have also seen it when objects were objected to ultra high frequency and explode when they are bombarded what that special resonant frequency.

That led us to the name "Quantum Huna."  Quantum is the smallest discrete quantity of a physical property such as electromagnetic radiation or angular momentum, the smallest unit used to measure a physical property. For example, the quantum of electromagnetic radiation is the photon; it also means sudden, dramatic, and significant.

Let us examine two more words and bring some things together.  When Capt Cook and his crew landed in the islands, they ask the natives the name of their location.  Where are we and what is this place called.  The answer given by the natives was "Hawaii" in today's spelling. "Ha" "wai" "i" means the breath of life, the supreme life force that rides on the breath.  FOR NOW considered what I believe they meant, you decide.  "Hawaii is The land of the people who breath" "This is the land of the people who breath."

Now consider the name that the Hawaiian people gave the white man.  Today we hear it spoken and do not see it written to often.  HOWLEY or HOWLEE The actual word is "Haole" and you may think OK that makes sense, these words "Howley, Howlee and Haole could be pronounced the same.  So everyone begin calling the all white men by the term "Haole." We are coming close to the punch line stay in there.  "Ha" "o" "le" means breath of lazy or lazy breath, the person who does not know how to breath.

Think about this for a moment.  ALL humans breath.  It is a necessary, natural and Automatic element of life.  Without breathing all of us cease to exists.  SO what were the Hawaiians saying in describing themselves and the newcomers in terms of breathing.  Quantum Huna says that the Hawaiians knew how to breath consciously and purposely to generate energy in different forms for different purposes and that the newcomers had no concept of breathing consciously or of generating energy or doing so with intent or thought forms.  The ancient Hawaiians knew that when they took conscious control of their breathing; they were in an altered state and were able to interact with other realms of possibility, other universes, other energy sources and that all things played in harmony.

HA is also the name of the number four in Hawaiian.  This is not by accident, it was done on purpose with purpose  and we believe the Hawaiians knew exactly what they were doing when breath and the number for were given the same name.   This will be discussed at length in the coming chapters.

 This foundation element of breathing is vital and pivotal to a predictable, sustainable, and teachable results obtainable with Quantum Huna, and unraveling the Mysteries of the HA.




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