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They're finally ready!

Chase has completed the All-New and professionally-produced Huna Practitioner Certification Training DVDs.  For The First Time a Huna Practitioner Certification Training is offered by Huna Research Inc and  how fitting that it was conducted by Rev James Vinson Wingo DD and yours truly Dr Yates J Canipe.  Also with Sarah Wingo and  Dr Otha Wingo.  Over 25 Hours of excitement. 

Get your's NOW ...

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Now ...

We're going to be releasing the DVDs to the general public this summer for $895 ... but, because your a member of our on-line Dr Yates J Canipe Newsletter, we decided we're practically "giving-them-away" over the next couple of days only...  for only $379.

So today's the day to get this once-in-a-life-time offer ...

"Buy Now"

If you were there, you know what I'm talking about!

"Sometimes It was totally confusing. I needed time to think and I needed time to absorb and I needed time to practice. My plate was overflowing with the abundance of wisdom and knowledge shared!"

"... if only I had a way to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n the 'rapid fire' information in a way that I could easily think about it, I could easily process it and then I could easily start using those Kahuna Magic secrets in my own life."

A few people experienced a bit of "over-load" ... with so much information "coming at you" so quickly it gets to be too much to remember everything.

Maybe you just want to go-back-and-review the most important parts and apply yourself to getting even better at using all the things you're learning ...

you can get a "front-row-center" seat ... right in your own home ... where you can "savor every single minute" of this legendary training experience ...

... and you can keep watching-and-re-watching the DVDs again and again ... taking notes ...doing the drills ... perfecting ALL the skills you're learning ... and you can do it all at your own pace.

You can even REWIND!

It's the perfect home-study training for you...

... and we're also going to throw-in a complete bound copy of a Certified Huna Practitioners extensive class-room notes that's practically an inch thick.

Pretty cool.

They're THAT good, and they're all yours ... absolutely free ... just for ordering today!

So "go ahead" now and ORDER yours TODAY ...

"Buy Now"


I do hope to hear from you again soon, Yates ... hope to see you in October, and certainly wish you absolutely ALL THE BEST!

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