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Everyone I have talked to says "Have you lost it?"  and I say "NO" I have found it.  It is time to do something so spectacular  and enormous that everyone greatly and wisely benefits.  We have put together a bundle of products that will instantly create a store house of Knowledge and Information.  Yes your own incredible library all at once.  Here goes.

First, Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power - $397.00

Second, Kahuna Wisdom - $97.00

Third, Ho'oponopono, The Complete Teachings of Morrnah K Simeona - $397.00

Fourth, Huna World Convention 2008 - $497.00

Fifth, Bridging The Gap Collection of 15 very special presenters - $595.00

Sixth, Huna Practitioner Certification Training Volume 1- $379.00

YES this is the entire 2012 Huna Difference Catalog on SALE for the next six weeks ONLY and only while supply last.

ADD it up, $2,352 ALL your for the ridiculously low investment of $1,500.00 smackers.

Now let's do the TV thing. 

BUT WAIT  if you order within the next 14 days, you can have your choice of attending anyone of the next four Quantum Huna Practitioner Affiliate Workshops for FREE.  That is an additional $2,450 Value for FREE.  That is SEVEN DAYS with the Masters, Sarah Eftink and Myself.

The dates are May 27 thru 2 Jun and Sept 9 thru 15 during 2012.

WOW incredible ALMOST $5,000 in TOTAL VALUE for only $1500.00 but only if you register in full in the next 14 days.

Dr Yates J (Kala) Canipe

How long will it take you to Go check out all these products on the home page only as fast as you realize this vast ONE TIME opportunity.

Space is limited.



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