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What is Huna all about?

Sarah Eftink

Huna is a way of Life based on their understanding of energy, which was amazing. Huna utilized positive words and thoughts to change your life. Huna also addresses many other aspects. It uses psychic abilities, universal energy, healing, meditation, conscious breathing, and what today is called NLP. It is hundreds of years old. It shares a lot of the same universal knowledge about energy similar to prana, chi, and life force.

Huna is not Hawaiian, exactly. Huna was founded by Max Freedom Long.  Max Freedom Long lived in Hawaii while he was teaching. He heard stories of Healing. He began to ask questions with no results. Later, he found his answer hidden in the language of the Hawaiians.  Max Freedom Long began to uncover the secret through the language.

"What is Huna all about?"

Through the years, many Hawaiians have come forward to discuss the Hawaiian Way of Life. It is a system of Balance. When you find Balance within, you can then find balance around you.

There is several different ways to achieve the Balance within. At the core of all the methods, is Ha breathing or deep breathing. When you breathe deeply, you are allowing Universal Energy to enter to be used.

Huna is simple and profound.

The Hawaiians understood and worked with what is now called subtle energy or your aura.  We are made up of a series of energy fields around our physical bodies.  The Hawaiians knew this and had a system to maximize the use of the energy fields.  This energy called Mana flows via what they called Aka cords. This is the substance that the Kahuna used in healings.  Everything is energy.  Balance is all the energies flowing properly through the energy fields.

What can Huna do for you?

Huna is a complete working system.  You define Huna yourself.  Your personal experiences and beliefs will define Huna for you.  When you are open to Huna, it will change you and your life in ways that you may not understand.  It requires that you take an active part in your life.  If you want something to change, only you have the power.  This is another reason why you define Huna.  Only you can change you.  If you are willing to change, then you are able to.  We will give you the tools to dismantle old limiting beliefs and allow you to direct your life to where you want it to go.

How is Huna different?

Huna is different from many cultures yet has many similarities with other ancient way of life.  I can’t tell you that Huna is the only true way of life.  For me, it is.  Once I experienced the difference, then I adopted it as my way of life.  I love the fact that I define Huna for myself.  Huna is defined by your beliefs.  If you have limiting beliefs, then Huna along with any other system will be limiting.  One on my teachers said, “With Huna you have no limits besides the ones you hold yourself.”  I saw this as so there are no limits.  You define Huna.

What are the central and permanent teaching of Huna?

In Huna, there is only one law or Code of Conduct. 

Never harm with hate.

This simple and profound Way of Life.   They also taught balance.  You need to be balanced.  Even Kahuna were forever on a journey to always maintain balance.  If you have anger arise, you acknowledge and find a way to bring balance to it.  Balance is the idea that is set in stone.  Achieving that state of balance was always shifting because energy is always shifting. 

There is no "authorized" interpretation of Huna.

You define Huna.

When you define Huna, you change limiting beliefs.

Then you redefine Huna, which redefines more beliefs.

Huna grows with you. 

You must experience it for yourself before you can even begin to define Huna.

What is Quantum Huna?

Quantum Huna is new approach to something old with a something new.  The Hawaiians had a complete system with the knowledge they had available hundreds of years ago.  If the ancient Hawaiians had the knowledge now available then, they would have used it.  Remember, you define Huna.  They defined there Way of Life by what works.  We are combining all the systems available to reinvent Huna using the ancient way of life as the solid foundation to build upon.  We are not changing Huna.  We are putting the content, context and understanding back into Huna.  We are using scientific research to explain why the Hawaiians did what they did and how it worked.  When you know what is going on scientifically, you get better results because of the belief you have that it works. 

You are a part of this important story.

This knowledge is available to everyone.  Everyone has the exact potential of everyone else.  If you need assistance, that is normal.  I need assistance sometimes also.  No one is perfect.  No one has all the answers.  You may have the answers I need.   I may have the answers you need.  Together someone has the answers. 

Tell your part of this story.



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